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International Fastener Show Tainan,Taiwan 2013/4/11~13
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FASTNETis a trading company focusing on fastener export from Taiwan. Celebrating the tenth anniversary in 2011, we believe you can trust expertise of three decades from the founder in fastener industry.
Focusing on sales, Fastnet enjoys a database of no less than 100 suppliers in Taiwan in five categories of fastener products including heading, cold forming, stamping, wire form and machining. With a close relation of a licensed supplier, we are able to supply Torx®, Taptite®, Taptite II®, Taptite 2000®, Torx Plus®, Duo Taptite®, Remform®, Mat Point®, Mathread®, Powerlok®, Fastite®, Torx Tamperproof®& Plastite®.

Service is the life of Fastnet. We provide one-stop
shopping on comprehensive product portfolio, which
enables us to keep a close relation with customers
in major continents in the world for automotive,
industry, construction, and commercial markets.